The Chocolate Hills plus the Loboc River’s Floating Restaurants in Bohol

Just before Chocolate Hills (Bohol Tourist Spots)

We arrived at Cebu City, we then proceded to Chocolate Hills at Bohol Province. Our journey bound for Cebu wasn’t a new experience, but I managed to take a few photographs of the scenic clouds which coloured the sunny sky that day. To get to Bohol was our objective, but we still had time to visit the famous Magellan’s cross, the Taoist temple, along with other Cebu tourist destinations. Cebu is the Philippines’ oldest city, and one can easily see the landmarks of the country’s Spanish colonization which lasted for over 400 years until the turn of the 20th century.


Casa de Gorordo

Among the proofs of a 400-year slavery is the “Casa de Gorordo” (or house of the Gorordos) which had been built during the Spanish era, where the pieces of furniture and the proofs of the grandeur of the mestizos continue to be well preserved in the casa, which is now converted to a museum. I couldn’t help, while noticing the things inside the house, but let my thoughts linger on the penury of the 99% Filipino indios during this era, who were in their g-strings for life, and who were the workhorses of both the Spaniards and the mestizos, the latter being cronies of the repressive regime who exploited the archipelago for over 400 years in the name of God. History is past, and the future is the evident presence of high-rise buildings in the city, which will be, to my humble estimate, mushrooming the place in the next ten years.


Bohol Trip

We planned the following day for our Bohol trip. Our companions were first-timers and their enthusiasm were reaching boiling point: these people were at the third heaven! At 4:00 A.M, we were at the pier uno, ready to take a “fast craft” boat which, for an hour sea journey, would take us to Tubigon, one of many coastal towns of Bohol that’s facing Cebu Island. At Tubigon, we were to be fetched by way of a van, which we would be using for the entire Bohol tour.


The Sagbayan Peak and the Chocolate Hills

The Sagbayan Peak was our first stop. It’s the place where the famous chocolate hills start to appear. After taking photographs, we proceeded to a place where Bohol’s over a thousand chocolate hills are viewed by tourists. I had been there before, but taking a look at the chocolate hills the second time is a never-ending amazement. “Who made it?” is the one question that will naturally come to mind as one watches the grandeur of the thousand little hills-so beautifully formed that they will never leave one’s memories forever. Life is not complete, if you love to travel, without visiting the chocolate hills of Bohol.


The Loboc River

Then we proceeded to our next destination, which is the Loboc River. Our van driver took us towards the place quite strange to our experience, considering that the famous floating restaurants at this river are now well-handled by the government, thus giving this particular tourist spot a high-end touch.

There are more exciting tourist destinations in Bohol, however the chocolate hills and the river cruise (Filipino style) at the Loboc river are enough spots one is happy to pay good money with. The good news is that Bohol tour is not as pricey as one thinks it is.